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Stick a flag in me... I'm done

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Published on 08/31/05 @ 09:58:00 pm using 325 words, and has 1526 views
Just a quick observation on the extreme saturation of American flags in all aspects of life these days. I've seen them on hot dog vendor carts, on web design company websites, and pasted to the sides of garbage cans. Am I to believe that those hot dogs… more »

Gladiator Special Edition DVD

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Published on 08/23/05 @ 11:46:00 am using 116 words, and has 4485 views
Well, the so-called "Special Edition" DVD version of the movie Gladiator has now been released in the US. It apparently contains 17 minutes of extra footage which wasn't seen in the theaters. I'm wondering if it contains any behind-the-scenes footage of… more »

Preliminary overseas itinerary

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Published on 08/14/05 @ 11:32:00 pm using 121 words, and has 1614 views
I've got the temporary itinerary in place now, it's just the exact departure date that isn't exactly set yet. The points listed below are the airplane destinations. There'll be plenty of time to travel in each area by car and motorcycle. So anyway,… more »

Stepped on a piece of glass today

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Published on 08/13/05 @ 11:52:00 pm using 86 words, and has 1551 views
Well, the title pretty much says it all. It was... interesting. I wonder if there's any left inside there and, if there is, will it take the short route and work its way out over time, or will it defy the laws of gravity and work its way up to… more »

Recent Burger King ad campaigns

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Published on 08/11/05 @ 04:58:00 pm using 240 words, and has 5810 views
Is it just me or has BK hired the absolute, hands-down worst ad agency in the world lately? First they came out with the guy in the fairy looking outfit sporting a serial-killer grinning face, which was spooky enough. I still shiver remembering the… more »

Why do I have to log on...?

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Published on 08/04/05 @ 05:26:00 pm using 201 words, and has 1352 views
I know you've all seen those commercials on tv that say "find out more about our product, just log on to such and such website"... Well, if you have to waste your precious time to make an account and actually Log On to their website to find out about a… more »