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Well, the so-called "Special Edition" DVD version of the movie Gladiator has now been released in the US. It apparently contains 17 minutes of extra footage which wasn't seen in the theaters. I'm wondering if it contains any behind-the-scenes footage of the business deal in which the producers purchased 5,000 acres of forest for the sole purpose of burning it down for our viewing pleasure. You know... because 2 hours of blood, dismemberment, murder and incest just isn't enough to get people in the doors these days.

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Comment from: AE [Visitor]

My cousin actually has the gladiator SE, I ran through it real quick and we were dissatisifed with the extra footage that was on there. I didn’t know about the burning of the land though. That’s severely reckless, to say the least.

12/10/05 @ 23:52