Stick a flag in me... I'm done

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Just a quick observation on the extreme saturation of American flags in all aspects of life these days. I've seen them on hot dog vendor carts, on web design company websites, and pasted to the sides of garbage cans. Am I to believe that those hot dogs embody the spirit for what George Washington and Tom Paine fought and bled? Or are they merely an attractively colored shell concealing artificial byproducts and other assorted crap that masks itself as today's American dream? Is that website you design really somehow more American than the next? Come on, people. My eyes are rolling right out of my head. It used to be that the flag was something to be flown in honor and remembrance. Now we decorate our weekly trash with it, and we rest our little heads at night content in the notion that we've truly done our share to be patriotic.

I even see American flags being flown from foreign cars, which suggests the drivers of those foreign cars are either 1) extremely stupid and caught up in a sheep-like madness of crowds, or 2) are so hopelessly believing that a $2 cotton flag is the true arrowhead of their patriotism, and more than makes up for the $20,000 they gave to a foreign nation's economy for that automobile, or 3) those wavers of American flags from their foreign vehicles truly 'grok' the meaning of patriotism. There's always option 4) a little bit of all of the above.

My question is, who is the bigger idiot... the people that wave a flag to sell their dubiously "American" product, or the people that actually buy into that waved flag and buy that dubious product simply because some idiot waves an American flag over it? Hmm...

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