The 0 point 7 percent of the world... series

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Well, it's that time of year again in which we all ignore obvious math and get caught up in the silly madness of crowds. I'm refering to that display of American arrogance that is the "World" Series. I won't go into my thoughts on how mind-numbingly boring the sport is in general, but simply want to point out a few things:

1. The entire baseball league is comprised of two (2) countries.
2. The "World" Series this year is being played by teams from one (1) country.
3. The world consists of over 260 countries.

Now for some simple math (requires a grade-school education):

2 / 260 = 0.7% (percentage of the world participating in the "World" Series)

Let's look at football for a moment... Not American football. I'm referring to the sport played all over the world where they actually use their feet. (hint: soccer) Here we have something approaching a "world" involvement and, hence, the World Cup. As an aside, it was estimated 10 years ago that soccer is played by over 100,000,000 people around the world. That's one hundred million! So, greater than 100,000,000 participants worldwide... greater than 200 countries participating... World Cup championship... Call me kooky, but that makes more than a little sense.

On the other hand, how is the championship series of a sport played by a maximum of 2 countries (again, 0.7% of the world) in any way accurately called the "World" Series? I just don't get it. Maybe the point is not to think? Maybe enjoyment of the sport is an inverse relationship to the amount of electricity in the braincase? Any thoughts?

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