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New Site Style for I was browsing my favorite free stock photography site last weekend and found a few high-resolution images which, when viewed side by side in Photoshop, gave me immediate inspiration for a redesign of the main site pages of I spent a few hours in Photoshop with several different layer blending techniques and some creative use of masking tools, then switched over to EditPad and put together a new layout for the main site.

I’ve set up the homepage to pull the latest RSS feeds from the blog and display them on the left side of the page. To the right of the RSS feeds I’ve inserted a condensed display of my most recent graphic design projects, though I’m still trying to figure out a way to have these pulled automatically from the blog rather than having to update them manually. As of now, I’ve only posted a few of my most recent photo-manipulations to the blog, though I have several in the queue, so that section of the homepage is so far limited to only the most recent designs.

The new site layout follows the design philosophy of the b2evolution blog templates I’ve recently been building. Like my recent blog skins, it’s designed for a 1024x768 monitor resolution. It makes use of valid XHTML Strict markup and valid CSS Stylesheets. Where necessary, the markup is XHTML Transitional, as in the contact form page, which uses a Captcha image. The Captcha no longer functions properly when constrained by the code requirements of XHTML Strict markup.

I’m considering building a blog template around the same design, simply to streamline as much of the site as possible, but that’s an endeavor which will have to be left for another day. Right now I’m working on bringing over as much of the old site into the new style, and finding little time to do so. I plan to keep working on the site move in my spare time over the next few days.

Anyway, let me know what you think of the new layout. Any feedback is appreciated…

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