Adventures in Rio, part 01 (Alt Take)

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Waiting at the airport... flight delayed...

She says, “For me it was waiting…”
He says, “For me it was ‘Land already.. Land! Land! Land!’”

Crazy angles on Avenida Prado Junior

She loooves the ‘Crazy, not-all-there angles’ and says “How do you like *them* crazy angles?”

The sand on Copacabana Beach looking green at night and from a distance

She says “Green sand! Is it organic?”
He says “It’s waaaavy!”

Addicted to the camera-mirror combo

Addicted to the camera-mirror combo…

Chinese symbol for beauty.. I think...

Chinese symbol for beauty.. I think…
(A coincidence it’s placed under the previous photo? I don’t think so…)

Contemporaneous Auditory Narcotics:
or, What my speakers are currently pumping…
Just the sound of a random guy on the street below yelling out “Dona Marlene!”

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