Acura ITX Project is underway!

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I've gotten most of the core parts for my vehicle-based mini-ITX system, and have started to install the OS. The plan is to hardwire a computer into the ignition of a 2001 Acura CL, run it off the car's battery, and have it turn on and off with the car's ignition switch...

The system is based around a VIA EPIA MII12000 mini-ITX motherboard. For anyone who doesn't know, the board is approx 6" x 6" and has pretty much everything onboard (USB, FireWire, video, 7.1 audio, a PCMCIA slot, and a Compact Flash adapter). Best part is, a fully loaded system only requires about 60-70 Watts; less than an average lightbulb, and perfect for an automotive environment.

Here are the machine specs:
VIA EPIA MII12000 motherboard (1.2GHz)
512Mb Crucial PC2100 memory
7" touchscreen monitor mounted somewhere(?) on/in the dashboard
40Gb Hitachi laptop HDD
slimline laptop CD-RW
80 or 90W DC-DC Power Supply
Rikaline USB-powered GPS using the SiRF Star II/LP chipset

I haven't decided on a chassis for the machine yet (update: the system is housed in an Akiwa GHB-B05 from Guanghsing Industrial), and for now I'm using a Micro-ATX case I had lying around to testbed the system as I install the OS (win2k or linux, probably win2k). Since I haven't decided yet between the Lilliput and Xenarc 7" touchscreens, I'm using a flat panel monitor for testing during the install.

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