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I've already bought the Rikaline GPS unit (model 6010) and it seems to be functioning properly. The initial satellite lock took approx 20 minutes the first time I ran it out of the box, which was somewhat disconcerting, but in subsequent tests while driving, the unit gets a lock on multiple satellites within about 30 seconds. This is more than acceptable since the computer will take about that long to boot up anyway, and the GPS unit will be powered during the boot process.

Here's a list of featureset requirements and "would be nice" items for the GPS mapping side of the project.

The Wants List
(with a 1-5 rating for its importance to me, 5 being highest).

  • Open framework, ability to read non-proprietary mapsets and datums. (4.5)
  • Voice directions (4)
  • Voice interactive (2)
  • Auto-rerouting (4.5)
  • Freeware or close to it (4)
  • Multi-layers with adjustable opacity (3)
  • Ability to run multiple simultaneous views (5)
    This can be accomplished using gpsgate software
  • Keeps vehicle centered in map (5)
  • Ability to run fullscreen (5)
    Helpful when using a 7" widescreen
    This can be accomplished using fanix software
  • Auto-rotates map by heading, not fixed-north (5)
  • Low impact on processor and memory (5)
  • Availability of updated/maintained lists of construction and speed traps (No reason, honest) and ease of integration of those data sets (4)

Software I'm Looking At

  • GPSS (from
  • Ostia Series (from Pharos GPS).
    Unfortunately, no standalone software version without the hardware. Primarily a PDA software
  • Global Mapper (from
    One sick little GPS app

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