Acura ITX LCD and Character Displays

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LCD Displays

7" touchscreen motorized housing:

7" touchscreen motorized housing (DIY installation guide):

or, the prebuilt version:
Mp3Car MTS12000 Fully Motorized In-dash VGA Touchscreen LCD $499.99

Character Displays

It would be nice to find a display that matches closely the green lighting of the Acura dashboard, or that matches the color of the aftermarket headunit. I'm considering mounting a small secondary display like these either in the dropdown change-holder on the dashboard, or in the dropdown sunglasses holder on the ceiling. Another option would be to mount it inside the retractable screen, replacing the clock that the screen comes with, since there's no real point to having two clocks in the car.

Contemporaneous Auditory Narcotics:
or, What my speakers are currently pumping...
Kotra - The Bridge (Ukrainian deconstructionist electronic. Woohoo!)

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