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Material for Headunit Faceplate Mod

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Published on 11/21/05 @ 07:40:00 pm using 246 words, and has 3280 views
Planning for the dashboard faceplate mod Sample of possible Burlwood trim Just got sent the above photo by a member on the Acura user forums, who also refered me to a source for Burlwood ABS trim which is an almost exact match to the existing… more »

Regulated Vehicle Power Supply Options

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Published on 11/20/05 @ 08:52:00 pm using 902 words, and has 18987 views
One of the trickiest parts of the Acura ITX project is that I'd like the system to be largely hands-free. The system will have a keyboard only as backup, and will rely on the touchscreen interface via the LCD panel. When it comes to powering the system… more »

Acura mini-itx project reborn

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Published on 11/18/05 @ 10:36:00 am using 3279 words, and has 58713 views
Project Day 1 The Leatherman Tool: We'll be using this a lot. Well, here we are again, returning to the project which was supposed to begin in the spring of 2005, but because of other projects and random new distractions which got in the way, it looks… more »