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Removing the trim and center console

Prying up the woodgrain trimPrying up the woodgrain trim: Oh so careful!. (photo #2)

The first thing I did was to wrap the flat-head screwdriver in my Leatherman tool with duct tape. This is done to prevent scratching any of the dashboard or trim elements in the car. I began by gently prying up the woodgrain trim along the sides of the center console, starting with the driver's side trim, and was surprised at how easily the molding could be pulled away. A few good pokes with the Leatherman and the sides started to come loose (photo #2). The whole process of removing the console trim took approximately 10 minutes. I was nervous at first, but once I started digging in it quickly became fun.

Prying up the woodgrain trimPrying up the woodgrain trim: Not as scary as it looks. (photo #3)

This photo shows the gradual prying up of the driver's side trim. Once the trim was pulled off sideways, it required a few good tugs in the direction of the rear of the car, to release the pressure-clips where the trim meets the dashboard (photo #3). I repeated the process for the passenger's side trim, starting at the rearmost point and working my way forward, using the padded Leatherman to make the initial entry.

Prying up the woodgrain trimPrying up the woodgrain trim: That wasn't so bad. (photo #4)

This photo shows the final product... Both side-trim sections have been removed, revealing some of the guts of the center console (photo #4). I immediately noticed several years of dust and film that had collected, and immediately knew the entire center area would get a serious vacuuming once everything was removed.

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If there is a ‘pimp my ride’ television show, why not a ‘geek my ride’ television show? :) I have one of the above books and it is very informative.

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