Material for Headunit Faceplate Mod

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Planning for the dashboard faceplate mod

Sample of possible Burlwood trim
Sample of possible Burlwood trim

Just got sent the above photo by a member on the Acura user forums, who also refered me to a source for Burlwood ABS trim which is an almost exact match to the existing woodgrain trim in the Acura CL. I've contacted the vendor to see if I can get a scrap piece of the material so I can do some color comparison prior to buying, but no dice. Apparently they're just a reseller and get the material ready-to-ship from the manufacturer. In any case, here's a picture of the trim in question, sent to me by the person who bought it and built a customized faceplate for their Acura TL. The vendor calls it "Floritine Burlwood" but I think it's supposed to be "Florentine". I think it should make a pretty darn good faceplate for this project, after some templating and cutting. Additionally, it only costs approx $16 for 2 square feet, so I have a little leeway to make a mistake or two.

The vendor to whom I was refered is located at: I'm going to try to find a local vendor to possibly be able to verify the color in person.

Check out the burlwood sheet installed in the Acura ITX system.

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