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USB Extension Cables

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Published on 01/13/06 @ 05:48:00 pm using 63 words, and has 1350 views
The project will require 2-3 10' lengths of USB cable, which will be run from the trunk to the dashboard along the centerline of the car. 10' USB-A Male to USB-A Female extension cable $4.99 Contemporaneous Auditory Narcotics: or, What my speakers… more »

Small Scale Keyboards

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Published on 01/13/06 @ 05:35:00 pm using 192 words, and has 2199 views
Electrone 9007 6.5" x 3", PS/2, raw/kit form, $105 I just found this mini-sized keyboard on the web, by a company called Electrone ( It's the 9007 model at the bottom of the page. The keyboard is raw, in kit form… more »

System Installation and Tweaking

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Published on 01/11/06 @ 07:47:00 pm using 526 words, and has 7001 views
Testing the EPIA MII-12000 in an open testbed I had some spare time this evening and got around to setting up the system in an open testbed environment. I figured this would save some time, rather than having to install the board into a micro-ATX case… more »

Parts List Overview

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Published on 01/11/06 @ 06:10:00 pm using 314 words, and has 1731 views
This post is simply for tracking the component front-runners, and their associated power consumption and wattage output. It'll be adjusted as necessary... Primary parts list: Alpine CDA-9851 HeadUnit (w/ AUX RCA input from carPC) EPIA MII-12000… more »