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Electrone 9007
6.5" x 3", PS/2, raw/kit form, $105

I just found this mini-sized keyboard on the web, by a company called Electrone ( It's the 9007 model at the bottom of the page. The keyboard is raw, in kit form (no enclosure), and measures 6.5" x 3", with a 6' flat PS/2 cable. This would be perfect for mounting in the cup-holder compartment in the Acura CL, since I rarely use it for actually holding cups. I gave them a call to inquire for more information. They want $105 for it, which I think is very steep, and will probably preclude me from trying it out. Too bad, because it's the nicest tiny keyboard I've seen so far which is fully functional; most don't include all the keys, especially the ESC key which is critical for escaping from full-screen visualization apps.

Ione 2-Tone Wired Keyboard
Available from NewEgg for $35 shipped.

This is a nice small keyboard, laptop sized, with built-in trackball.
Ione 2-Tone Wired Keyboard

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