M2-ATX Undocumented Shutdown Timings

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The M2-ATX (and apparently the M1-ATX, since it uses the same firmware) has a set of undocumented jumper settings for customizing the shutdown timing. These custom timings add a degree of flexibility for the everyday use of the M1-ATX and M2-ATX power supplies for those users who find the documented settings to be, well, unfriendly. The undocumented jumper settings are as follows:

0001 10 minutes / 1 hour
1001 15 minutes / 2 hours
0101 1 hour / 1 hour 15 minutes

Personally, assuming I end up going with the M2-ATX and not an Opus or DS-ATX power supply, I'll probably choose to use the 0001 setting.

Additionally, (at the time of this writing), the firmware is available for download directly from epiacenter.

If anyone discovers additional undocumented jumper timings, please leave a comment.

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