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Fabricating The Dashboard Chassis, Pt 1

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Published on 04/26/06 @ 10:29:00 pm using 342 words, and has 11865 views
Since I don't yet have any welding ability, I drew a to-scale design schematic and brought it to a local fabricator shop. I supplied them with the outer shell of an old and rather heavy-duty computer case (thanks Alan) from which to cut the necessary… more »

Voodoo FBVC14DGU Digital Fused Distribution Block

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Published on 04/26/06 @ 09:04:00 am using 355 words, and has 9169 views
I found a local car electronics shop which I never knew existed, and picked up a fused digital distribution block made by Voodoo. It cost only $19 which was a pretty good deal, considering it's an alarmed digital distribution block with onboard… more »

Custom Front-End Design for Media Engine

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Published on 04/04/06 @ 10:25:00 pm using 356 words, and has 7182 views
NOTE: The Acura ITX uses Roadrunner as its front-end software. To view the Roadrunner screens in use on the Acura ITX system, follow the links below: Acura ITX front-end design for Roadrunner in blue Acura ITX front-end design for Roadrunner in green… more »

Open Testbed Setup

Published by Andrew Hreschak in installation overview, research and planning, the hardware
Published on 04/04/06 @ 09:59:00 pm using 601 words, and has 9756 views
Testing the wiring and ignition activation. Now that all the parts for the Acura-ITX computer have arrived, I set up the complete system in an open testbed environment, and ran full-lengths of wiring to simulate the situation in the car, testing for… more »