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Last weekend I pulled the computer system out of the car to troubleshoot some GPS issues and decided to make some enhancements to the layout of the original Acura ITX skin. Having the system in the car for a year has given me plenty of time to get a feel for how button-placement could be rearranged and optimized on the overall touchscreen interface.

Among the changes I made was the addition of an on-the-fly playlist builder. This will allow me to build individual lists of my favoritest ;) tracks from the overall collection, all gathered in one place, rather than having to load dozens of albums and skip tracks to find the ones I like.

Below is a screencap of the playlist builder screen in the OFF state:

Acura ITX on-the-fly playlists or Roadrunner

The playlist editor screen also contains a pair of “Favorites” buttons, one each for driver and passenger to build their own custom lists. Music controls as well as access to system gamma and day/night skin-switching are all available from the playlist editor screen, and follows the general design layout of the rest of the interface design.

  • Pressing the ‘Add Track’ button, followed by one of the playlist buttons, saves the currently playing track to that playlist.
  • Pressing the ‘Open List’ button followed by any of the playlist buttons replaces any current tracks in the system playlist with those stored in the selected playlist.
  • Pressing the ‘Save List’ button, followed by any playlist button saves all tracks in the system playlist to that button.

Additional screens in the Acura ITX Blue Skin are displayed in the original Acura ITX Front-End Design for RoadRunner post.

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