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Small Scale Keyboards

Published by Andrew Hreschak in research and planning, the hardware, input devices
Published on 01/13/06 @ 05:35:00 pm using 192 words, and has 2381 views
Electrone 9007 6.5" x 3", PS/2, raw/kit form, $105 I just found this mini-sized keyboard on the web, by a company called Electrone ( It's the 9007 model at the bottom of the page. The keyboard is raw, in kit form… more »

System Installation and Tweaking

Published by Andrew Hreschak in installation overview, research and planning, the software
Published on 01/11/06 @ 07:47:00 pm using 526 words, and has 7068 views
Testing the EPIA MII-12000 in an open testbed I had some spare time this evening and got around to setting up the system in an open testbed environment. I figured this would save some time, rather than having to install the board into a micro-ATX case… more »

Parts List Overview

Published by Andrew Hreschak in general information, research and planning
Published on 01/11/06 @ 06:10:00 pm using 314 words, and has 1789 views
This post is simply for tracking the component front-runners, and their associated power consumption and wattage output. It'll be adjusted as necessary... Primary parts list: Alpine CDA-9851 HeadUnit (w/ AUX RCA input from carPC) EPIA MII-12000… more »

Tapping the Onboard Diagnostics

Published by Andrew Hreschak in research and planning, the xtras
Published on 12/04/05 @ 12:44:00 am using 322 words, and has 14882 views
CAPTION: The AutoTap System Diagnostics Display A few nights ago a friend and I were discussing Dyno Scans, and tapping the onboard diagnostics (OBD) port to get an inside look at engine operations. I got to thinking about that, and dug up a bunch of… more »

VGA Extension Cables

Published by Andrew Hreschak in research and planning, the hardware, cables & wiring
Published on 12/03/05 @ 06:52:00 pm using 113 words, and has 1471 views
Originally posted 19 July 2005 Useful when installing the computer somewhere other than in the dashboard (i.e. under the passenger seat, or in the trunk). Specifically, the combo VGA/USB cable looks good, since the touchscreen needs USB.… more »

Material for Headunit Faceplate Mod

Published by Andrew Hreschak in research and planning, the headunit
Published on 11/21/05 @ 07:40:00 pm using 246 words, and has 3343 views
Planning for the dashboard faceplate mod Sample of possible Burlwood trim Just got sent the above photo by a member on the Acura user forums, who also refered me to a source for Burlwood ABS trim which is an almost exact match to the existing… more »

Regulated Vehicle Power Supply Options

Published by Andrew Hreschak in research and planning, the hardware, power
Published on 11/20/05 @ 08:52:00 pm using 902 words, and has 19188 views
One of the trickiest parts of the Acura ITX project is that I'd like the system to be largely hands-free. The system will have a keyboard only as backup, and will rely on the touchscreen interface via the LCD panel. When it comes to powering the system… more »