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Parts List Overview

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Published on 01/11/06 @ 06:10:00 pm using 314 words, and has 1824 views
This post is simply for tracking the component front-runners, and their associated power consumption and wattage output. It'll be adjusted as necessary... Primary parts list: Alpine CDA-9851 HeadUnit (w/ AUX RCA input from carPC) EPIA MII-12000… more »

Acura mini-itx project reborn

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Published on 11/18/05 @ 10:36:00 am using 3279 words, and has 60156 views
Project Day 1 The Leatherman Tool: We'll be using this a lot. Well, here we are again, returning to the project which was supposed to begin in the spring of 2005, but because of other projects and random new distractions which got in the way, it looks… more »

Acura ITX Project is underway!

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Published on 02/15/05 @ 04:52:00 pm using 257 words, and has 3574 views
I've gotten most of the core parts for my vehicle-based mini-ITX system, and have started to install the OS. The plan is to hardwire a computer into the ignition of a 2001 Acura CL, run it off the car's battery, and have it turn on and off with the… more »