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New Site Style for TheDarkSighed

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Published on 10/04/07 @ 09:54:00 pm using 379 words, and has 14323 views
I was browsing my favorite free stock photography site last weekend and found a few high-resolution images which, when viewed side by side in Photoshop, gave me immediate inspiration for a redesign of the main site pages of I spent a… more »

Just getting started, bear with me ...

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Published on 02/08/05 @ 07:29:00 pm using 163 words, and has 3186 views
It looks like Internet Explorer has trouble loading icons and graphics in the blog, and it's not reading a lot of the CSS properly. I'm not sure yet what the problem is. For now, use Firefox or Netscape, as they seem to work correctly. I'll see if I can… more »