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This block of PHP code shows the original 'smallhead' div in a typical b2evo 0.9.x blog skin. It displays the categories, author, post-time, and wordcount of each post. This code is located in the /skins/skinname/_main.php file of a typical b2evo skin, and is shown here for reference purposes in case changes are made which break something in the template:

<div class="bSmallHead">
echo '&nbsp; |&nbsp; ', T_('Categories'), ': ';
<br />
Posted by: <a href="<?php $Blog->disp( 'blogurl', 'raw' ) ?>?author=<?php the_author_ID() ?>" title="<?php echo T_('Browse all posts by this author') ?>"><?php $Item->Author->prefered_name() ?></a>&nbsp; |&nbsp;
echo ' ', T_('words');

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