B2Evolution Code for Linkblog Inclusion

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The following block of PHP code will insert a blogroll or linkblog into the sidebar of your b2evolution 0.9.x blog. A blogroll is an aggregatated listing of external links which are stored, typically, on a dedicated 'linkblog' blog on a b2evolution system, and displayed as a list in the sidebar of other blogs on the same system.

<!-- ============== LINKBLOG ============= -->
<!-- =========== START SIDEITEM 7 ============ -->
<div class="bSideItem">
<!-- <h3><?php echo T_('Linkblog') ?></h3>-->
<?php require( dirname(__FILE__).'/_linkblog.php' ); // LINKBLOG INCLUDED HERE ?>
<!-- ============ END SIDEITEM 7 ============= -->

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