New b2evo Skin Series: 'Smoothe'

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I’ve been away from the blog template / skinning game for a while, mainly because I left my blog for a while as I became interested in, and distracted by, other pursuits. Recently turning back to blogging, I decided to update my blog software and its b2evo templates. The old b2evo skins which I designed and used on this site (darkling, brightling, bambooya, cyberdelia, windfarm, and blue lunar) have been temporarily removed as they are incompatible with the latest versions of b2evolution. I hope to rebuild them for the latest release in the coming weeks, presuming I’ll have enough spare time to do so with the summer drawing to a close.

In any case, shown below are the skinshots of three of the latest templates I have designed for use on this site. Each of these b2evo skins is fully compliant with the XHTML Transitional specification, as well as with the CSS 2.0 specification. Each of these templates is designed on, and for, b2evolution 1.10.2.

b2evo skin: CandleglowCandleglow (a skin for b2evo 1.10.x)
The b2evo skin Candleglow uses a warm, mellow color scheme which is easy on the eyes. As with all of the skins I design, it’s 100% XHTML compliant. It can be selected via the skin switcher in this blog’s sidebar.

b2evo skin: ravehandsRavehands (a skin for b2evo 1.10.x)
The b2evo skin Ravehands exudes the dim, smoky aura of a nightclub illuminated with cool cobalt blue lighting effects. Again, 100% XHTML Transitional and CSS 2.0 compliant. As of the time of this writing, the Ravehands b2evo skin can be seen on the main page of this site.

b2evo skin: tunnel visionTunnel Vision (a skin for b2evo 1.10.x)
Borrowing loosely on the color scheme of my Darkling skin for b2evo 0.9.12, the b2evo skin Tunnel Vision is a template I designed specifically for my Acura ITX project journal. Cool, smooth tans and greys form the basis of this b2evo skin, blending with warmer shades of olive green. (Need I say it? Yeah… fully XHTML Transitional and CSS 2.0 compliant.)

Oh, right… the ‘Smoothe’ skin series departs from the standard b2evolution skins being designed in that it’s targeted at 1024x768 resolutions and higher. I was getting bored, and feeling cramped, by the standard static designs being released for 800x600 resolutions…

Be sure to check out the ‘b2evo blog skins’ category for more custom b2evo skins…

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Comment from: Iris Watts Hirideyo [Visitor]  
Iris Watts Hirideyo

Need I say it?

Thou art phenomenal!!!!

07/31/07 @ 21:40
Comment from: Will [Visitor]  

I love the rave hands skin - is it available for download? if so how???


08/27/08 @ 10:29
Comment from: Project Management [Visitor]  
Project Management

Thanks for the information and post.

10/19/09 @ 06:14