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b2evo skin: Viper FlatsHad a little spare time this evening while listening to some music and thinking about why I wasn’t yet asleep, so I opened up Adobe Photoshop (CS2) and put together this template for b2evolution.

Yes, it’s another b2evolution skin for the ‘Smoothe’ series (there will be many because I like the layout).

The speakers on my HTPC had just started getting a nice exercise playing the Witchman - Explorimenting Beats album at around the same time I decided on the header image for this b2evo template, hence this skin is named after the first track on the album, Viper Flats. (Incidentally, if you like dry, dusty drum and bass music, check out the Witchman.)

It’s not quite production-ready… I think the text color in the sidebar may be a little too pale for comfort or, rather, not pale enough. I’m going to revise it a little in the morning and probably shift the link and text color to approach white, which should make it somewhat more comfortable on the eyes.

Following along with the general theme of the Sojourn b2evo skin which I built yesterday, Viper Flats uses subdued, earthy tones in desert plains shades of beige and green.

As with all of the b2evolution templates released in the ‘Smoothe’ series, the Viper Flats b2evo template 100% XHTML-Transitional and CSS 2.0 compliant, and has been geared toward a 1024x768 monitor resolution.

I’ve enabled the skin-switcher in the sidebar for the project blog and installed a little PHP hack I threw together yesterday to show skin tiles instead of the boring old text-based skin list. At least this way the skin-switcher gives a somewhat useful preview of the skin ahead of time.

In any case, feel free to leave any feedback on the color scheme or even the overall layout (Dig it? Cool. Hate it? I don’t care.) Either way, voice your opinion…

Be sure to check out the ‘b2evo blog skins’ category for more custom b2evo skins…

Contemporaneous Auditory Narcotics:
or, What my speakers are currently pumping…
Witchman - Explorimenting Beats

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Comment from: Iris Watts Hirideyo [Visitor]  
Iris Watts Hirideyo

Yes! New favorite. Keep outdoing yourself like you are, and you will be messing with my mind in a way that’s… terribly mean and yet… rather pleasant! :) Confusing girl is at it again… lol

Bottom line: DIG IT!!!!

08/09/07 @ 15:12