Kybernetik: Interstitial / Photoshop Photo Manipulation

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in·ter·sti·tial   (ĭn’tər-stĭsh’əl)
1. Relating to, occurring in, or affecting interstices.
2. Anatomy Relating to or situated in the small, narrow spaces between tissues or parts of an organ: interstitial cells; interstitial fluid.

This is the first in a series of cyberpunk art and graphic designs on which I’ve recently been working in my spare time. I’ve decided to call the series ‘Kybernetik,’ and am attempting to diverge slightly from what I would consider more typical examples of cyberpunk artwork, and its abundance of dark shadows and neon shades of green. I’m a fan of the cyberpunk genre, but I find certain aspects of it to be played out.

This graphic design project is intended to show the shedding of skin, revealing subtle cybernetics and wetwired circuitry beneath… a more subtle and organic blending of man (alright, woman) and machine. This series utilizes an original set of techniques, some of which came about through trial and error as I worked with various custom brushes and textures in Photoshop.

[click the thumbnails to view full-resolution swatches from the design]

Kybernetik: Interstitial (full image reduced to 410px width)

Full-resolution swatch: hand and fingers

Full-resolution swatch: left shoulder circuitry, close-up

Full-resolution swatch: right shoulder and shedding skin

Full-resolution swatch: center of back and peeling skin

Full-resolution swatch: kanji tattoo close-up

Full-resolution swatch: lower back shedding skin

Full-resolution swatch: left shoulder-blade, skin and circuitry

This photo-manipulation project was carried out entirely in Photoshop CS2, and makes use of high-resolution stock photography layered onto the background image. I added several layers of organic textures to the overall design, and made extensive use of Photoshop’s masking tools to gradually add layered textures. The photograph of the model making up the background of the composite is 2657x4000 pixels. The finished graphic design has a resolution of 100dpi and prints at approx 2.25 x 3.5 feet. Total time for this project is unknown as it was developed during my spare time in the evenings over the course of two or three weeks. The Photoshop .psd file for this project is 327Mb.

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Comment from: Joe-p [Visitor]

This looks nice, thanks to share your valueable technique / manipulation with photoshop.

03/25/09 @ 04:43
Comment from: Photoshop Tutorials [Visitor]  
Photoshop Tutorials


I didn’t know about this cyberpunk style! Cool!

I’ve seen some pretty good Photoshop tutorials for steampunk too, so I’ll add this to my …punk list :-)


08/20/09 @ 05:24
Comment from: dendy [Visitor]  

thanks for sharing!

08/23/10 @ 14:04
Comment from: Tim Maguire [Visitor]  
Tim Maguire

Wow - that really leaves an impression.

Great job!!

01/09/11 @ 16:23