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b2evo skin: VastitudeThe Vastitude b2evo template is a design I completed a couple weeks ago but never got around to posting about. It’s a design inspired while looking through a series of photos of the Grand Canyon and the wide open flatlands of Arizona.

This b2evo skin was designed to give the look and feel of open expanses of red clay desert under steel grey early morning skies. The completed blog template has something of a somber, melancholy mood, which was unintentional, but I think the overall design turned out nicely.

The Vastitude skin for b2evolution follows closely in the footsteps of previous b2evo skins released in the ‘Smoothe’ series and is 100% XHTML Transitional compliant. It uses valid CSS 2.0 style sheets. Additionally, as with previous releases in the ‘Smoothe’ series of b2evo skins, Vastitude has been designed for 1024x768 monitor resolution.

b2evo skin Vastitude released for download

The version of the Vastitude skin available for download here is more current than the version available in the skin repository on This copy contains a revised _lastcomments.php file and accompanying CSS styles for smoother display of most recent comments.

This b2evo skin is being released for download under a Creative Commons License 3.0 ( You are free to download this skin and to modify it to your liking as long as you agree to leave unmodified the following:

  1. The attribution information shown in the page header block, beginning with the text:
    “Template name: Vastitude, for b2evolution 1.10.x, design by”
  2. The “skin design by” attribution information shown in the page footer
  3. The template and credit information shown in the stylesheet file

By downloading the Vastitude skin for b2evolution you signify that you agree to these terms. It?s not much to ask, and you can still modify it to suit your own site?

Download the custom b2evo 1.10.x skin ‘Vastitude’ [download updated 02 Dec 2007]

For questions and/or support on the Vastitude skin, leave a comment at the bottom of this blog post. I’d be happy to help you tweak it to your liking…

Be sure to check out the ‘b2evo blog skins’ category for more custom b2evolution skins…

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