A Watchful Corner: photo manipulation project

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I didn’t have a clear idea of the final image when I started this graphic design project, though I did know that I was seeking something representative of the cyberpunk genre and postmodern decay or an urban jungle. As I worked with an assortment of organic and non-organic textures to use as overlays in Adobe Photoshop, the image hidden within their blend began to reveal itself, and I had something more concrete to aim for. The final graphic design became, in my eyes, the image of a homeless street girl peering around the corner of a building, her face a mixture of weariness and wariness. The way her shoulder blended into the corner of the wall appears to resemble a skull, perhaps some type of stylized graffiti painted on the wall.

This is a photo-manipulation project designed entirely in Adobe Photoshop CS2 over the course of several nights and several hours of spare time. The image is 2657x4000 pixels and is, at full resolution, approximately 2.2ft wide by 3.5ft tall at 100dpi. The source image of the model was blended in Photoshop with several layers of organic and non-organic textures at varying opacity and mixing modes and later touched-up with an assortment of custom filters and brushes from my Photoshop toolkit.

[Click on any of the thumbnails to the right for a full-resolution swatch of the image…]

A Watchful Corner, photo-manipulation project

Photo manipulation and layering, thumbnail of left eye and cheek

Photo editing and blending, thumbnail of lips and chin

Photoshop layer blending, thumbnail of shoulder resembling graffito of skull

Photoshop blending techniques, thumbnail of wall texture

Graphic design and manipulation, thumbnail of wall texture

Photo blending processes, thumbnail of wrist bone and skin texture

Advanced Photoshop layer blending techniques, thumbnail of wall relief and hair

I’d love to hear some feedback on my graphic design and photo manipulation projects, so feel free to leave a comment. Let me know what you like, what you don’t like, etc.

If you have a high-resolution photo of yourself (preferably on a solid [black] background) and would like to see it transformed into a similarly styled design, get in touch. You’ll of course retain full credit as the model and I’ll retain credit as the designer/masher-upper. None of the work will be used for commercial purposes unless we agree beforehand to do so.

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