B2evolution Skins: Hirideyo Series

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The Hirideyo series of b2evo skins was originally developed alongside the ‘Smoothe’ series of blog templates which I designed for b2evolution 1.10.2. The Hirideyo series was designed for my friend Iris Watts Hirideyo’s blog site. She needed a place to publish her short writings and screenplay ideas, and we decided a blog might be the most favorable forum for her to do so. (Now that she’s learned more than just the basics of blogging, I think she’s becoming quite addicted to the medium.)

The Hirideyo series of templates reflects an Eastern motif, using such elements as rice-paper fans, cherry blossom branches, and stylized flower patterns. Since Iris is running her site as a single-blog system, these blog skins were designed for single-blog use, but can be altered for multi-blog use quite easily by adjusting only two lines of code in the CSS Stylesheet.

Click on the thumbnails to view larger versions of the skins, or visit Iris’ Journal for yourself and explore some of her writing and her thoughts.

Blue Fan (skin for b2evolution 1.10.x)
This was one of the first b2evo skins in the Hirideyo series which used a rice-paper fan in the header. I reoriented the stock photo of the fan, resizing and rotating it to a more interesting perspective, before layering a blueish hue on top of the original image.

Alright… so the color-scheme is a little more sea-green than blue… ;)

Flower Fan (skin for b2evolution 1.10.x)
This design also uses an image of a fan which has been resized and reoriented. The fan displays images of flowers, though I don’t know exactly what kind of flowers they are. This design is, I think, my favorite in the Hirideyo series for its several shades of blue contrasting with the black background.

Pink Fan (skin for b2evolution 1.10.x)
The Pink Fan skin for b2evo was the last of the fan designs and uses, as the name implies, a burgundy-pink color scheme. The flowers are, again, of unknown variety. I suspect they may be cherry blossoms, but if anyone does know what they are, please leave a comment.

Geisha (skin for b2evolution 1.10.x)
The Geisha skin for b2evo uses a sampling of traditional artwork styles, with cherry blossom branches in the background. The figures are, also, dressed in traditional garb.

Blue Lily (skin for b2evolution 1.10.x)
Iris has a fondness for shades of blue, so I designed several of the skins in the Hirideyo Series using a blue color-scheme. The Blue Lily skin uses, as its name implies, the image of a Lily flower in the header.

As with the ‘Smoothe’ series of b2evolution skins on which the Hirideyo series is based, these designs all use valid XHTML markup as well as valid CSS stylesheets. These blog templates are designed for 1024x768 monitor resolutions.

Feel free to leave feedback, whether you like the designs or not.

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Comment from: Cameron [Visitor]  

Your skins are really inspiring. Can you tell me how and if I can use them for my b2evo blogs? I know how to use skins but I would like to know if and how I can use yours. I’m fairly new to all this so please forgive my ignorance.

11/29/07 @ 09:27
Comment from: Andrew Hreschak [Member]  

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Hi Cameron, thanks for the compliment on my skin designs. The skins in this post (the Hirideyo series of skins) are not going to be released to the public. They were designed for a friend’s blog and she would like to keep them unique to her blog.

However, if you search through the “b2evo blog skins” category in the category list, you’ll see that several other skins have already been released for download, and additional skins will be released in the coming days and weeks. If you need a unique design created for your own site, I can do that as well.

11/29/07 @ 09:39
Comment from: adreia lee [Visitor]  
adreia lee

this is kol

02/08/08 @ 11:35
Comment from: Lucie [Visitor]  

I love this skin - when will you update it to Version 2?

Anxiously awaiting,

03/28/08 @ 17:55
Comment from: Andrew Hreschak [Member]  

Hi Lucie,
As I mentioned in an earlier comment to this post, the Hirideyo Series of skins will not be released for public download. However, if you look through the ‘b2evolution blog skins’ category which can be found in the sidebar, you will find several other original b2evo skins which are available for download from this site. :) I’m currently in the process of updating the ver 1.10.x skins to 2.x, so check back regularly for newly available downloads.

03/29/08 @ 13:45
Comment from: Anita [Visitor]  

I need a new skin for my blog and the b2 site does not have anything for version 2 so I am in deep trouble…sorry but I guess I am desperate.

Can you design one for me please?

04/04/08 @ 02:27
Comment from: Andrew Hreschak [Member]  

Hello Anita,

What kind of template are you looking for? Is this for a personal blog or for your business? Do you have a particular style and colorscheme in mind? If you give me some more information we can talk in more detail about your requirements and move forward from there. Oh, I also need to know what version of b2evo you are using, as the 1.10x version has different requirements than the 2.x version. Looking forward to hearing from you.

04/07/08 @ 07:53