Kybernetik: Techtonik / A Photoshop Photo Manipulation Project

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tec·ton·ic   (těk-tŏn’ĭk)
1. pertaining to the structure or movement of the earth’s crust; “tectonic plates"; “tectonic valleys”
2. of or pertaining to construction or architecture
3. Medical  term denoting plastic surgery or the restoration of lost parts by grafting.

This is the second image I designed in the Kybernetik series of cyberpunk graphic designs. This image is more closely representative of the typical elements found in cyberpunk art. It calls to mind those dark futures where meat and machine are merged in wetwired biotech, hardware implants, and the advanced grafting techniques reminiscent of the Matrix or the black clinics of Chiba City in William Gibson’s novel Neuromancer.

[click the thumbnails to view full-resolution swatches from the design]

Kybernetik: Techtonik (full image reduced to 410px width)

Full-resolution swatch: illuminated gauge, close-up

Full-resolution swatch: spinal biotech input implants

Full-resolution swatch: skin-graft layers on left shoulder

Full-resolution swatch: skin-graft layers on right shoulder

Full-resolution swatch: stamped text on back

Full-resolution swatch: right arm and secured plate covering

Full-resolution swatch: close-up of hand and scar lines

This photo-manipulation project was carried out entirely in Photoshop CS2. It makes extensive use of high-resolution stock photography which has been layered atop the background image to add the impression of organic skin-graft textures. The photograph of the model making up the background of the composite is 2657x4000 pixels. The finished graphic design has a resolution of 100dpi and prints at approx 2.25 x 3.5 feet. Total time for this project is approximately 12 hours and was developed during my spare time in the evenings over the course of a week. The .psd file for this project is 335Mb.

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Comment from: Bob [Visitor]

Okay - That is one funky looking picture. Nicely done.

06/16/09 @ 15:41
Comment from: April [Visitor]

I get really frustrated when I see images like then one above because no matter how hard I try I can never get anything anywhere near as good.

11/22/09 @ 11:37
Comment from: chp [Visitor]

wow that pic from just photoshop editing? cool works there, i’m still goin back and forth gradation technique lol

09/17/11 @ 00:28