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Custom b2evolution template design called LushFeeling winter coming on and living in a semi-urban area, I got to thinking about lush green landscapes and warm waters, and set about building a new b2evolution template which reflected my mood and my longing for a warmer, greener climate.

I found a beautiful stock photograph of a sprawling beach and, quite by accident, covered the partly completed design with a green hued overlay which I was using for a photo-manipulation project in another open Photoshop document. The coloration gave the photo a uniquely living feel, and I set about finalizing the overall color scheme of the blog template.

The Lush b2evolution template is another release in the ‘Smoothe’ series of templates. Like the previous releases in the ‘Smoothe’ series, this b2evolution skin is 100% compliant with the XHTML Transitional specification and uses valid CSS 2.0 stylesheets. It has been designed with a static layout for 1024x768 monitor resolutions.

This skin contains the following:

  1. This b2evolution skin contains a revised _lastcomments.php file and accompanying CSS styles for smoother display of most recent comments.
  2. The skin contains customized icons for delete, edit, and permalink
  3. It contains pre-built styles for the Search Cloud plugin for b2evolution
  4. It contains a custom icon and styles for blockquotes

b2evolution template Lush released for download

This b2evo skin is being released for download under a Creative Commons License 3.0 (

You’re free to download this skin and to modify it to your liking as long as you agree to leave unmodified the following:

  1. The attribution information shown in the page header block, beginning with the text:
    “Template name: Lush, for b2evolution 1.10.x, design by”
  2. The “skin design by” attribution information shown in the page footer
  3. The template and credit information shown in the stylesheet file

By downloading the Lush skin for b2evolution you signify that you agree to these terms. It?s not much to ask, and you can still modify the template to suit your own site?

Download the custom b2evolution template for b2evo 1.10.x: ‘Lush’ [download updated 02 Dec 2007]

For questions and/or support on the Lush skin for b2evolution, leave a comment at the bottom of this blog post. I’d be happy to help you tweak it to your liking…

The ‘b2evo blog skins’ category contains additional custom b2evolution skins for download. Be sure to check it out!

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