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Updated 12 April, 2008 (New Download Release)

Custom b2evolution 2.x skin called UndergroundAt long last I’ve gotten around to porting my original b2evo skin designs which I dubbed the “Smoothe Series” to b2evolution 2.x. I know many people had requested that I port my skin designs to b2evo 2.x and I didn’t intend to take so long to actually do the development on these but, with so many other things going on in my life, it was difficult to find enough free time to sit down and do it.

This is the first redesign release from the original series of ‘Smoothe’ templates. I’ve done my best to duplicate the layout and style of the original 1.10.x b2evo skin as closely as possibly. Since the core of the b2evolution application and the manner in which the blog itself is now handled has changed somewhat (to a more modular configuration), an exact port of the skin was not entirely possible but I think I’ve managed to very closely maintain the original design. This b2evo skin was ported on a clean installation of b2evolution v2.41 though it should work with any 2.x release.

I’m releasing this first ported b2evo skin, entitled “Underground", for free download with the same restrictions as the original release, namely that the credits in the header and footer and those in the CSS stylesheet file remain intact. Additionally, as this is my first attempt at porting one of my skins to b2evo 2.x, I have a request to make of anyone who downloads and uses it:

I need feedback on this skin…
I need to know if you encounter any difficulties with it…
I need to know if I’ve overlooked any necessary elements in the stylesheet…
I need to know if anything *gasp* breaks in the template file.

So, once you’ve installed it and used it for a few days, just pop back over here and share your thoughts. Does everything work? Does anything need to be looked at and adjusted? I’d appreciate any feedback offered.

Ok, on to the good stuff…

This b2evo skin is being released for download under a Creative Commons License 3.0 ( You are free to download this skin and to modify it to your liking as long as you agree to leave unmodified the following:

  1. The attribution information shown in the page header block, beginning with the text:
    “@b2evo 2.x Skin: Underground / design by “
  2. The “skin design by” attribution information shown in the page footer
  3. The template and credit information shown in the stylesheet

By downloading the Underground skin for b2evolution you signify that you agree to these terms. It’s not much to ask, and you can still modify it to suit your site… If you have any questions or difficulties installing or using the Underground skin, please leave a comment at the bottom of this blog post rather than sending me an email. That way other users can also benefit from the information.

NOTE: Based on valuable feedback provided by b2evolution developer Francois Planque, the copy of the Underground skin released on 29 March, 2008 has been updated with a new download file. The changes in this updated release include:

  1. Separated header include which now utilizes the core b2evolution file.
  2. Separated and include files.
  3. Modified admin toolbar which now follows the default b2evo style and is no longer styled after the skin itself.
  4. Modified blog menu CSS which follows more closely the original b2evo 1.10.x release of the Underground b2evo skin.
  5. Additional CSS tweaks for style and positioning.

Anyone who downloaded the Underground skin for b2evo 2.x which was released prior to 12 April, 2008 may wish to download this updated copy, which should provide increased forward compatibility with upcoming b2evolution releases.

Download the custom b2evolution template re-released for b2evo 2.x: ‘Underground’

Check out the ‘b2evo blog skins’ category for more custom b2evolution skins…

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Download file has been updated as of 12 April, 2008. The specific updates are outlined in the notation above.

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