b2evolution skin Vastitude (re)released for b2evo 2.x

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b2evo skin: VastitudeThis is the second re-release in the original Smoothe series of b2evo skins, now ported to, and released for, b2evolution 2.x.

This b2evolution template, entitled “Vastitude", is being released (under a Creative Commons license) for free download with the same restrictions as the original release, namely that the credits in the header and footer and those in the CSS stylesheet file remain intact.

This release, as the original b2evo 1.10.x skin, is 100% XHTML Transitional compliant. It uses valid CSS 2.0 style sheets. Additionally, as with previous releases in the “Smoothe” series of b2evo skins, Vastitude has been designed for 1024x768 monitor resolution.

Continue on to the pseudo-legal stuff and the download file…

This download release file contains changes suggested by Francois Planque, developer of b2evolution, after his review of the Underground skin released for b2evolution 2.x.

This b2evo skin is being released for download under a Creative Commons License 3.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/). You are free to download this skin and to modify it to your liking as long as you agree to leave unmodified the following:

  1. The attribution information shown in the page header block, beginning with the text:
    “@b2evo 2.x Skin: Vastitude / design by “
  2. The “skin design by” attribution information shown in the page footer
  3. The template and credit information shown in the stylesheet

By downloading the Vastitude skin for b2evolution 2.x you signify that you agree to these terms. It’s not much to ask, and you can still modify it to suit your site… If you have any questions or difficulties installing or using the Vastitude skin, please leave a comment at the bottom of this blog post rather than sending me an email. That way other users can also benefit from the information.

Download the custom b2evolution template re-released for b2evo 2.x: ‘Vastitude’

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Comment from: Brand Lee [Visitor]  
Brand Lee


05/28/10 @ 21:10
Comment from: Ben M. Schorr [Visitor]  
Ben M. Schorr

Really like the Vastitude skin for B2Evo but is there an easy way to adjust either the text color or the background color? The only complaint I’m getting is that it’s a touch hard to read with dark brown text on a light brown background.


06/16/10 @ 18:35